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Enrichment Classes - included in tuition!

The Following Programs are included in Your Child's Tuition!

  Rojas School of Music

 We are proud to partner with Rojas School of Music which is an exemplary school of music founded and led by passionate music teachers. Your children will experience a lively and fun atmosphere as they learn the basic principles of music, composition, rythym and more! 

Find out more about the program: www.rojasschoolofmusic.com


preschoolStretch'n'Grow Fitness

We are also proud to partner with Stretch-n-Grow which is an early childhood physical education program that focuses on improving the health and fitness level of children.  While Stretch-n-Grow focuses on exercise, skill and strength development, it also incorporates the aspect of a healthy lifestyle with the curriculum and nutrition discussions.  Stretch-n-Grow Stars have lots of fun while they learn to enjoy exercise and build good habits.

Find our more about the program: www.sngdenton.com/programs.html


Educational Bricks

Educational Bricks uses LEGO® Bricks to engage 4 to 12 year olds with their proprietary lessons and model plans.  This is educational play at its best.  These exciting lesson plans spark children's imaginations and drive a true desire in children to learn and create. Class themes are based on hisorical structures, space, construction and more! 



STEAM AHEAD Curriculum STEAM AHEAD Curriculum
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics expand our students potential! More
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