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Helping Your Child in Social Settings

Posted on 11-29-2015 | Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of North Flower Mound

Making new friends is an integral part of your child’s social life. It’s a learned skill that helps promote healthy social interactions as well as provide your child with settings that he/she is comfortable in. For some children, every new social environment is an adventure and is a welcomed experience! For other children however, new surroundings and new people are cause for concern and worry. While it may be easy for parents of more reserved children to be come discouraged that their child is not as willing to meet new people, it is simply a unique part of the child that must be nurtured.

If your child is not a “friend magnet” who makes friends wherever he/she goes, no need to worry! Your shy child simply needs your guidance and practice in new environments. Encouraging your child through this process will help ease their fears and free them to make friends. Below are some tips for helping your child navigate new social settings:

1.Start with a safe place. Children are most comfortable in their own homes so invite one or two children over for a play date. Provide a few games and some snacks and always be nearby so that your shy child knows he/she is able to reach you.

2.Be a model of social interaction. Learn the activities your child enjoys doing and get involved in those activities. Find a group or club that compliments your child’s interests and sign them up. Reach out to parents who also have children in the club and invite them over. When your child sees you making friends with new people it can give them courage to make new friends as well. Connecting with parents who have children with similar interests is an excellent way to be involved in your child’s social skills development.

3.Notify childcare staff and teachers. If your child attends a childcare, daycare or preschool, ask for assistance with your child’s discomfort in social settings. Discuss your concerns with his/her teachers and staff and give them the opportunity to help your child grow. Double check that your child’s childcare facility’s programs are designed to encourage new friendships among children. Look for a staff that is qualified to recognize children who seem to be experiencing social anxiety and need help making friends.

4.Role play with your child. Acting out potential social scenarios with your child can be quite helpful. Think of a situation where your child may feel uncomfortable – such as his/her first day of preschool. Give your child a few options for how he/she would approach the classroom, interact with other children and the teacher. When your child has a plan for handling new situations it may help them adapt more easily.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of North Flower Mound, our programs are designed to maximize friendly interactions between children and teachers, no matter the nationality, religious belief, or cultural differences. Feel free to contact usfor more information on how we encourage infants, toddlers and preschool children to connect with those around them! For additional help on this topic, here is an informative article that you might find useful.

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