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Flower Mound, TX Daycare: Raising Different Personalities Under One Roof

Posted on 07-18-2016 | Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of North Flower Mound

We all remember the first night we brought home our firstborn. All of the unknowns and the excitement surrounding having a new person living with you can be so overwhelming! As your child grows older, you learn how to handle his/her needs. From teaching your child how to eat, sleep, crawl and play – watching your child grow up is such a rewarding experience! But what happens when you add to your family and all of a sudden, you have another new bundle in the home? As your children grow together you will likely encounter early on just how different they are! What may have worked with one child is completely ineffective with the other!

Many parents are amazed at just how different their children are from each other. Each child brings with him/her a unique personality, a unique set of gifts and a unique set of challenges. One child’s bedtime routine may be twice as long as another. One child will eat anything and everything while the other has a very picky palette to contend with. Check out some of these tips you can implement when navigating a family filled with varying personalities:

1. Encourage Their Differences Openly– When you notice a certain personality trait or gift in one of your children, let them know! If their personality exhibits some frustrating habits (i.e. stubbornness or disobedience) address those as well. Be clear that you love your child and his/her uniqueness but will not tolerate disrespect or bullying.

2. Resist Comparing Siblings to Each Other –At an early age, children begin to imitate their parents’ attitudes and words. Well-meaning parents must be careful when discussing their children with other adults while the children are present. It’s important to have a good support team of friends and family as you raise your children, but be sensitive to what your child’s ear is hearing.

3. Celebrate as They Grow –You will notice that your child’s personality is increasingly more clearly expressed as they grow and develop from an infant, to toddlerhood, preschool and beyond. When you notice your child has achieved a new skill or milestone, celebrate it! It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but showing your child that you are proud of who he is becoming will set him up for a lifetime of success.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of North Flower Mound we love celebrating all of the different types of students and families we get to invest in! From our youngest learners in our infant program to our before and after school program participants, every child is valued at our premier Flower Mound, TX childcare and preschool. Contact us today to learn how we can provide your child with the personalized care he deserves! 

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