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Choosing the Right Sport for Your First-Time Athlete

Posted on 10-28-2015 | Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of North Flower Mound

As your energetic toddler grows into an even more active preschooler, it may feel impossible to keep up with them! Involving your child in a sport could be part of a constructive and enjoyable outlet for all of that energy. As a child participates in a sport they will learn important lessons about teamwork, discipline, and being a gracious winner and loser. It can be difficult to know where to start if your child has not yet participated in sporting activities but the time and effort you place in helping your child choose an activity that works well for him or her is worth the time and energy!

Consider the following simple steps to help you in the process:

1. Play with your child – Introduce your child to a little bit of each sport to see if there is anything that seems particularly interesting to him/her. Throw a football, swing a baseball, kick a soccer ball and be attentive to how each activity is received. Keep in mind that some children may thrive best in an individual sport at first such as tennis or golf so be sure to think outside the box of only team sports.

2. One thing at a time- It may be tempting to enroll your child in several activities to try and find which one works the best but this will likely overstretch your schedule. When your child attempts something new, it’s important for a parent to have the time to be an available source of support. Try sticking to one new activity at a time. If it isn’t your child’s favorite activity there is nothing wrong with moving to a better fit.

3. Model good sportsmanship in the home and at preschool or childcare – A child learns so much from observing the people around him. Raising a good sport happens long before your child puts on his first jersey or her first tennis skirt. Be consistent in explaining and demonstrating behavior that is respectful towards others. Your child will take with him the lessons he learned off the field and translate it into the new sporting activity.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of North Flower Mound, we take our role as the First Step To Higher Education™ for your child very seriously. In addition to offering a dynamic curriculum that stretches and challenges your child, we are always teaching our students to be kind, respectful and considerate towards others. Consistency is always the key in developing children to reach their potential. You can be assured we are absolutely committed to setting your child up for a lifetime of success! Contact us today or take a tour of our facility to see how we provide so much more than a childcare or daycare. 

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